Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin

PRF Centrifuge

FDA approved centrifuge for processing of PRF

L-PRF  is an innovative platelet therapy created from your own blood with no additives nor chemicals. A gel like band-aid, or membrane, is created from a small blood sample taken from the patient. The membranes contain a high concentration of leukocytes (white blood cells) and platelets which supply healing and growth factors to facilitate the body’s healing and regenerative process.

The loss of teeth and damage to the jaw bone and surrounding tissues, create challenges for your surgeon during oral surgery and dental implant placement. Without adequate hard and soft tissue support, immediate stabilization of dental implants and tissue healing can be compromised. L-PRF, placed at surgery sites, promotes healing and bone growth from within your own body to improve the outcome in such circumstances. L-PRF releases your body’s own natural healing proteins, creating an efficient network for cells to enhance the healing process. The end results are improved healing response and less recovery time.

L-PRF is most commonly utilized in bone grafting procedures before and/or at the time of dental implant placement. It is also incorporated into a number of oral surgery procedures to promote healing of the bone and gingival tissues.

L-PRF advantages:

  • Natural healing properties that promote a faster recovery
  • Lower risk for complications during healing
  • 100% natural with no chemicals nor additives
  • Safe and cost effective
  • Virtually painless
  • Utilizes an FDA cleared system

In reviewing your specific situation and surgical needs, Dr. Flihan may recommend L-PRF as an adjunct in your treatment.

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