Digital Impressions

Intraoral Scanner

Digital Impressions

Digital Impression (3-D intra-oral scanning) utilizes state of the art technology to capture a replica of the hard and soft tissues of the mouth. A wand-like optical scanner is passed over the teeth and gums allowing for digital technology to create a clear and highly accurate image of the mouth in mere minutes, avoiding the use of traditional impression material. The scan captures more detail and is more accurate than traditional analog impressions.

With this 3 dimensional scan, we are then able to virtually plan your dental implant surgery. This intra-oral scan is merged with your 3 dimensional x-ray (CBCT) and incorporated into our dental implant software. This allows us to communicate, via electronic transmission, the information to your restorative dentist, as well as the dental lab, creating a highly efficient digital work flow. With this technology, we are able to visualize the adjacent teeth, bone and gums at the proposed dental implant site. This allows for treatment planning of the implant crown (restoration) with your general dentist. The ideal contour and position of the crown facilitates planning for optimum placement of the dental implant by your surgeon to achieve the desired restorative result.  Ultimately, this technology facilitates the merging of the restorative expertise of the general dentist with the surgical knowledge of your surgeon to obtain highly efficient and accurate treatment.

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